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A.N. Other is a Miami-based fragrance company founded on a simple premise – to create limited edition fine fragrances that are affordable and accessible to all, without compromising on experience or creative process. Their core product is a collection of four parfum grade fragrances; woody, oriental, fresh and floral.

A.N. Other sells directly to their consumers through an e-commerce website, avoiding retail mark-up, advertising spend and the need for expensive physical stores. This places greater value on the internal composition of the fragrances and allows the perfumers complete creative freedom to craft their perfect scent, unrestrained by brief or budget. This process is repeated annually allowing the collection to be re-imagined by a new group of perfumers.

This theme of free creative expression runs throughout the brand and both website and social media channels provide an important platform for a series of creative stories and collaborations by photographers and visual artists.

We were commissioned to create a brand strategy, brand name, identity, packaging experience and e-commerce website that would communicate their unique proposition and help establish them as the new face of the perfume industry.

The brand utilises the visual language of ‘default design’ as a way to simultaneously communicate high quality and value. Leveraging the visual language of ‘utility’ to reference both modern luxury and staple goods. This enabled us to communicate the exceptional quality at the heart of the product whilst making it accessible to a wider audience. The default aesthetic also created a blank canvas on which to build future collections, allowing the brand to sit back and let the rich photographic content come to the fore.

The packaging system is a physical extension of the brand and designed to further reinforce A.N. Other’s ideology as a fragrance maker. By avoiding the double boxing, and designing for a singular purpose we were able to markedly reduce packaging costs and waste without compromising the customer experience.

Website development by Hambly Freeman


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