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ZeroFat is the UK’s leading pioneer of infrared light therapy for the fitness sector, in which infrared energy is used to raise the body’s core temperature during exercise, promoting more efficient weight loss and faster recovery. We were commissioned by ZeroFat to establish their brand positioning and visual identity, with website and accompanying art directed photography.

Keen to stand out from the over-saturated high street fitness market, we positioned ZeroFat as a premium lifestyle choice for a more discerning consumer. We worked with copywriters to distil concise and accessible messages from a series of medical studies, emphasising not just the fitness benefits of infrared technology, but also those related to wellness and beauty.

The wide letter spacing and extended characters of the logotype introduce a feeling of openness, with nicks that playfully reference the toning of muscle. The website expands upon this sense of space, featuring a minimal approach to typography and colour that allows the photography to take centre stage, capturing the sensual curves of the machine, rich skin tones and the glow of infrared lamps. The minimalistic design is complemented by graphic animations and subtle transitions that finesse the user experience.


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